Practical strategies for finding and keeping foster, adoptive, and kinship homes


Why do we need to revitalize recruitment?

Foster parents are healing agents for youth placed in care. Local social services districts and voluntary agencies direct substantial resources towards finding and keeping qualified foster and adoptive homes. This work holds both opportunities and challenges, such as finding homes that reflect the characteristics of children in care, including culture, race, ethnicity and language. Agencies strive to recruit homes that meet the needs of children: keeping siblings together, homes for older youth, as well as homes for children with complex physical and emotional needs. This new resource, Revitalizing Recruitment, is intended to be used by local districts and voluntary agencies to help meet their recruitment challenges.

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Driving Recruitment with Data

Targeted vs. General Recruitment

Child-Specific Recruitment

Hard-to-Find Homes

Customer Service for Retention and Support

Social Media: A New Way to Communicate